Rio Hotel & Casino Rooftop Site

Our Rio site is strategically positioned in the heart of Las Vegas. This 52-story building, located just off The Strip, stands as one of the tallest structures in the area,

offering an unobstructed line of sight across the entire valley.The rooftop features an advanced antenna mounting structure with 3” diameter poles ranging from 8’ to 25’ in height.

Cable trays run along the length of the roof and ceiling of the equipment room below, ensuring easycable management. This secure, air-conditioned space provides a reliable and

accessible location for your equipment. Contact us to learn more about this exceptional site.

Unique Features

  • Off The Strip location
  • 53 stories high
  • Over a dozen 20' high poles and roof sleds to choose from for your antenna or dish
  • Sturdy tower structure
  • Climate controlled dedicated equipment space
  • No land use fee
  • Monitored by hotel security 24/7


  • Easily accessible enclosed cable trays
  • Pre-installed power meters
  • Secure locked cages ranging from 70 sq ft to 130 sq ft

Features at This Location

  • Air-conditioned equipment rooms
  • Secure facilities
  • Accessible 365 days a year
  • Sturdy towers and mounting poles
  • Equipment racks and power outlets
  • Cable trays
  • Feeder entry ports